It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here’s a comic:


(Click it to view it, and click the magnifying glass to see it in full size.)

I finished Honours a couple of months ago and there was a whole bunch of life changes that came with that. But now I’m getting ready to release a superhero comic called Hail (see the ‘News’ page of this blog) online in a few months. I’ve been working hard! And the team of artists I’m working with are already really inspiring – they’re awesome people. Anyway, once things stabilise a bit in my life, I look forward to writing more articles for y’all.

I wrote the above short comic after dinner last night when I was losing momentum with my work. When you start doing larger projects it takes a while before you get any gratification, and I thought it’d be cool to just make something in one sitting. It ended up taking me until 2am to finish, so it was a long sitting, haha. The point was to do it in the fastest way possible – I didn’t erase much and didn’t bother with much planning. I should try to remember how good it is, to just do what your body and mind are asking you for (rest, play, sponaneity, etc)… I feel like it has given me a way back into my other work.

Hope you have a great day :)


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